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LEFORME Atelier, formerly known as Tictoc Studio, was founded in Rome in January 2023. Amauta Ciriachi is the founder and Creative Director.


The Studio created “Modula”, a series of contemporary modular lamps, fluid structures that can change shape through simple interlocking and can be adapted to different spaces and use.


The lamp bases are crafted from maple wood but are also available in marble and stone.


The lamps feature plexiglass (or opaline) shades, simply inserted in the lamp base without the use of glue; this means they can be customised, making them easy to dismantle and ship in a flat pack.


An approach halfway between design - given the possibility of reproducing the pieces in series - and the all-craft dedication to the unique piece.


LEFORME Atelier is a multimedia design project that designs wall light installations, fashion accessories and gadgets.


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